Friday, November 10, 2006

JuzzFlirtin - a new inspiring band

JuzzFlirtin has had it's premeire.Wednesday 1 November 2006 Polanentheater, Amsterdam
JuzzFlirtin is the musical birth of composer Dirk Balthaus and lyricist Léah Kline. In the cozy haven of the Polanentheater in the Spaarndammerburt/Westerpark of Amsterdam, this group lets it all hang out, revealing for the first time, one year’s worth of emotional and intense composing sessions. Their original compositions “flirt” with jazz, drama, funk, poetry, latin and brazilian styles. Major influences are the Pat Metheny Group, Kurt Elling’s poetry, the colors of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Nancy Wilson’s theatricality, Bill Evan’s lyrical piano playing, the intimacy and soul of Joni Mitchell and Dianne Reeves to name just a few. The result is a synergetic collaboration of 5 top jazz musicians whose aim is to sweep you away into their world of joyous, groovin’, hand clappin’, thought provokin’, eye wipin’ theatrical compositions about life. This concert will be recorded (Audio and Video) in preparation for their CD recording later in November.-----------------------JuzzFlirtin: Original Grooves and the NEW American SongbookLéah Kline- vocals, Dirk Balthaus- piano, Cord Heineking- bass, Sebastiaan Kaptein- drums, Yuchi Cordobá - percussion

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Update: April - July

Hello music lovers,

Ahh!! Spring is here and aren't we happy. Drinking in the sunshine like a little daffodil (narcissus) I just returned from a great week at a sophisticated Jazz Club in Istanbul. Nardis jazz Club. Intimate, professional and backed by some wonderful turkish musicians. These guys can swing ... and read music I might add. If you are ever in Istanbul check out this club. definitely gezellig!!

In April, I am in Amsterdam quite a bit and playing at the BIMHUIS (see below).

I've got some more traveling to Germany in May (and June), doing a blues concert with Christian Bleiming, sharing the stage with Dutch Swing College Band.

First week in July , Caveau de la Huchette and Trumpetist Bert de Kort have asked me back with his All- Star-Swing Band. Dancers can really cut the rug at this famous Paris jazz Club in the Latin Quarter.

Meanwhile, I am gearing up for the recording of my new album of original music with Dirk Balthaus and trio. It is so exciting to be writing lyrics and poetry and setting it to music. I seem to write a lot about the "Human Condition" : what it is like to be a human, pros and cons. Dirk likes grooves, Brazilan rhythms and syncopation. This combination is full of inspiration. We plan to be touring and sharing our music by January 2007. Meanwhile, wherever we are performing together you can expect we will be trying out new material. Stay updated by visiting my perfomances (agenda) page at Looking forward to sharing. - leah

"Songs are thoughts, sung with the breath when people are moved by great forces and ordinary speech no longer suffices"

- Orpingalik -


Donderdag, 6 April, 18:00-20:00
Orangerie De Rhoonse Grienden,Albrandswaardsedijk 196,3172 XB POORTUGAAL (ROTTERDAM)
Telefoon (010) 501 15 00
Mark de Jong (dr), Dirk Balthaus (p), Cord Heineking (b), Leah Kline (voc)
Zaterdag, 8 April,18:00-21:00
Lexington,Willemsparkweg 223 AMSTERDAM ,Telefoon 020 - 6628990
Leah Kline , Jan Reinen, Renee van Beeck

Relaxte jazz in de traditie van het American Songbook

Dinsdag, 11 April, 21:30- 24:30
Elsa's Cafe,Middenweg 73 AMSTERDAM ,Halte Hogeweg tram 9
Leah Kline, JanVerweij, Maarten Kruijswijk, Frans Ronday, Cajan Witmer

Zaterdag, 15 April 16:00- 17:30
Eetcafe Gorter Breelaan 26, BERGEN N.H.
Duo concert series with Dirk Balthaus

Woensdag, 19 April, 20:00 10 euro
BIMHUIS,muziekgebouw aan het ij, AMSTERDAM.
2006 is the year of the Amerikaanse 'House & Senate'-selection. This concert is a part of the many cultural concerts to call Americans living in Holland to exercise their right to vote.
What is the sound of democracy? The Amsterdam All-Stars, an all-volunteer team of Amsterdam's finest American musicians, a.o. Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher, Frances-Marie Uitti, Mary Oliver, Leah Kline and Mike del Ferro, create a musical extravaganza calling on Americans to exercise their right to vote.

reservations: 020 - 788 21 88

***************July in Paris******************

Back by popular demand.!!!! 5-9 July, Caveau de la Huchette PARIJS
with the Bert de Kort all stars swing band.

Visit my website for news, photos, and updates.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year in Paris

Well, of course, it is a bit late, as seems to be my style, for Holiday Wishes Thanks for yours , your timely Wishes. The end of the year and the beginning of the new always seem to coincide with an intense protest from my body. The age old association of pine trees, candles, jingling bells, children's laughter, snow, ribbons, mittens, and rosy cheeks has been for me almost predictably replaced with headaches, runny noses, ball-ed up used tissues, steam, the clatter of pills in plastic containers, orange juice, the fuzz of water soluble medicine, coughing, raspy whispers, and sniffling apologies for canceled appointments. Leaving me to contemplate permanent abandonment of lattes and chocolate in my new year's resolution.

Why I don't learn to plan ahead for a cold after three years is beyond my simple mind. Perhaps, I fear it would interfere with my carefully sculpted spirit of improvisation and spontaneity ??
Well, I am happy to say that at the end of my one week quarantine, I have recovered and discovered that new joy of living and breathing that most aquire from the third glass of champagne at 3 am on January 1st. Ahh!. But I was always a late bloomer 'Why try to change me now?' - Sammy Davis Jr.

Pre- Christmas was spent in crisp Manhattan air hustling amongst the crazed gift- buying- american citizens. Though New York has always lured me with the promise of grand Broadway entertainment, smoky Jazz Clubs, twinkling store windows and Christmas trees, expensive and elegant restaurant cuisne, a smorgasbord of buying pleasures and shoes purchases.. it's hustle after 5 years of Amsterdam living proved too much for my Dutchess' tempo. But jet -setting to New York for a private party and organizing the whole affair long distance was definitely worthy of an adventure and a check mark off my list of pleasant experiences.

My week, leading up to New Year's, in Paris was yet another adventure. My voice (most likely induced by my carefree hustling in New York and jet lag), reached an all time low. If ever an Alto lived in me than it was during my week at Caveau de la Huchette in the Latin Quarter.

I sang, I murmured, I spoke in low hazy tones (Eartha Kitt meets Dinah Washington style) to the delight of dancers and listeners in this Cave of Paris's die-hard swing crowd. At the mercy of ibuprofen and a miracle drug Superol (gargling 5 times daily) I was able to hold my voice's thief at bay and produce notes even if through a thick fog.

Leah at Caveau de la Huchette

And presto magico on the Eve of january 1st, back home in my beloved Amsterdam, it hit me..
everything my voice was displaying but had yet manifested in my sinuses...That cold. My body permitted, and i obeyed. Laid out comatose, the first week of a promising 2006 was spent contemplating things very close to home. All hopes,dreams and schemes personal and musical on my horizon to be put on hold for the duration of my vacation. 'Just me..... and my Baaaaathrooobe' ( to the tune of "me and my shadow")

So my dears, with my beloved Latte in hand, back in business; the business of sharing voice and thoughts, I and mine wish you and yours with delight a joyful, peaceful, loving auspicious 2006.

As always I shall keep you up to date of my adventures as I can (personally or via my website)

Much Love

greetings from Amsterdam,
Leah (Dutch-ess)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Performances, poetry, CD

News from Léah

.......been doing lots of traveling since September with new journeys on the way. I had a lovely time with Ingram Washington again this year in Beirut, and met Saskia LaRoo and her Funk band.... That was fun. Us all together. Thanks guys...

Points of adventure coming up... New York (Dec).... Paris (caveau de la huchette New Year's Eve). ...Germany (March)......Istanbul....(Nardis jazz club- March).... ....... ... I'll keep you updated on my Performances page on my website

The Performances Agenda is updated every month and sometimes every two weeks so keep checking back in or sign up for the email monthly mailinglist of my perfomances.Highlights this month:In november 2005 the exciting project 'Art Poetry' has begun:Han van Der Mijn, an abstract artist from Bloemendaal will illustrate 75 of my texts ( poems and songs). Han's interest lies in illustrating what is not said in the text. In Art terminology, creating on the "rest form" in the text. Our goal is to publish a book of Poetry and Art and of course to have an exhibition sometime next year. Since our first meeting on the 5th of November Han's muse has inspired 9 beautiful works.!!! Go to Han's site/gallery to watch the progress.

Those of you who have attended my concert on Nov 27th with Bastiaan Woltjer can enjoy a visualization of the song "When you are Gone", and the spoken words/poems "Breath" and "Dangling Shoestring"!!!!

Guest book and Photo galleryThere is a new layout tothe Guest book and the photogallery with some recent photos of my last JAZZ CABARET SHOW "songs for a summered soul". check it out...

Dutch Jazz Vocalist Competition. I made it to the FINALE of the Nederlandse Jazz Vocalist Competition and was honored with 4th place with Anne Chris Dekker, and Myrte Buys. We all had a great time!! .. Wouter Hamel, Yvonne Smeets, Sanne van Vliet placed 1, 2, & 3 respectively.

Concours CD

On March 14 , we six recorded 13 minutes each of our music for a cd brought out by the Schouwburg Odeon and their Sponsors. Berend van den Berg (piano) Frans Tunderman (bass) and Hans Beun (drums) have supported me beautifully throughout this concours and recording. The cd is now out!!!! and is available through the Schouwburg Odeon in Zwolle (038 428 8280) to buy for 9 euros


September 2005 is the scheduled release date of the book, 'The Jazz Singers' (working title) written by jazz critic Scott Yanow, published by Backbeat Books in 2005 and distributed nationally in the States - available in most book stores.!! I am interviewed and will be included in the book as one of the 500 top jazz vocalists of all time!! CDMy debut cd 'Playground'. . Thanks to all of you who have shown an interest in my music and already bought copies. Since 1 January 2004 (release date) I have sold so many!! Playground is being played and sold in Japan, Germany, all over Holland and now in the United States, by CD Baby and Tower Records online stores. Those of you with dollars and credit cards can click here to go directly to my page at - I am listed under Vocal Jazz. Those of you with euros can purchase my cd here online or order it from any cd stores in Holland who have computer phononet. More about this under Music on my site.